Corporate Social Responsibilities

“The importance of education for the social development and economic growth of a nation cannot be neglected.”

At Al Najah Education, we have a shared responsibility to do business in ways that respect, protect and value our stakeholders, our affiliates, our employees, our environment and society. We strive to fulfill our mission while maintaining integrity of our values and measuring the social impact of our activities. We believe that through our activities, we not only demonstrate responsibility for all our investors and society at large, but in fact contribute to our competitive edge by formulating a strategy that incorporates CSR from the start. We, both as a company and through our educational institutes, have incorporated a framework for ethical investments, accountability and transparency. Our unfaltering resolution to be the preferred employer of choice and to preserve the environment we live in drives our quest for responsible social involvement.

Al Najah continuously encourages its employees and institutes to incorporate social responsibility in day-today activities that elucidates to corporate success.

  1. Human Rights

    1. Follows the UNGC principles
  2. Human Resources

    1. Diverse work force of 200 employees without a glass ceiling
    2. Promotes the principles of equal opportunities and a healthy work-life balance amongst all employees
    3. Offers career development and skills development opportunities
    4. Remuneration committee develops and executes fair and transparent human resources strategy and policies for the organization
  3. Preserving Environment

    1. Proactive approach towards environmental issues.
    2. High standards of environmental responsibility are maintained.
    3. Institutes educate students about energy and water conservation techniques.
    4. Various events are organized - Emirates Environmental Group Can Drive and Emirates Environmental Group Beach clean-up.
  4. Business Behaviour

    1. Promotes fair operating practices at every level of the rapidly growing organization.
    2. Encourages responsible involvement in the public by all its employees and institutes.
    3. Strives to strengthen corporate governance through formation of Audit Committee and Internal Control & Risk management framework.
    4. Enhances the overall student experience through incessant expansions, infrastructural developments and academic improvements at all educational institutes.
  5. Community Involvement

    1. Continuous support to all stakeholders and the society
    2. Active involvement in community service and charities:
      1. Children’s Hope - Sri Lanka
      2. Dubai Centre for Special Needs
      3. Gary Johnson Memorial fund
      4. Cure4life
      5. Jeans for Genes
      6. Stem cell donor drive
      7. Sonapur labor camp
      8. Drop your shorts for Laborers
      9. Children of the Mountain
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