Horizon English School announces one of a kind STEAM facility

Horizon English School announces one of a kind STEAM facility

Dubai, UAE: Following the recently-awarded ‘Outstanding’ rating by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), Horizon English School (HES) has announced further enhancements to its educational offering, by means of a truly unique STEAM facility at its Jumeirah campus. Set to open in September 2019, HES will be home to a cutting-edge, purpose built STEAM facility – an innovative learning space where children will be able to learn through open ended enquiry, while encouraging them to consider their moral impact.

Ian Wallace, Headteacher at Horizon English School shares, “Over the last 30 years, Horizon English School has operated with the best interests of its students at the forefront, and the efforts to boost the STEAM capabilities at the school is testament to us continuing to provide a wholesome learning experience to our students. By exposing students to STEAM and giving them opportunities to explore STEAM-related concepts, children will further enhance their passion for learning and potentially pursue future opportunities in a STEAM field.”

The new facility will include the latest technology such as robotics, hydroponics and artificial intelligence.  Learning, through the use of hydroponics to provide solutions to food shortages and the use of 3D printing to mass produce writing aids for people with disabilities are some of the examples of how the curriculum programmes are designed to nurture the students’ moral obligation for the benefit of others.

“The space will promote the idea that ‘anything is possible’, as the focus on science in the service of humanity and our moral purpose will encourage collaboration, curiosity and creativity within all our students,” explains Wallace.  “Our vision is to raise ‘future-ready’ learners by providing exposure to new ideas, perspectives and values. Students from FS1 to Year 6, will be able to develop their communication and critical thinking skills, transferable to many areas of their lives.”

Raza Khan, CEO of Al Najah Education comments, “As one of the leading primary schools in Dubai, Horizon English School will continue to focus its efforts on reinvesting in its students and the wider school community, to best prepare them for a dynamic future.”

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