Our Values

To be pioneers in education, we understand that our mission and vision are achievable only if we embrace the values of integrity, leadership, respect, commitment, teamwork and care in everything we do. Our team strongly believes that these core values will serve as the backbone to provide the best services that our students will appreciate and cherish and our employees will feel proud of.

Leadership: We will work towards a common goal of leading change in education and inspire, engage and drive each other to achieve the mission and vision of Al Najah Education.

Respect: We accept that we are all different but that education is a common thread amongst us. We will value individuality and show respect in delivering the best education to our students.

Commitment: Our pledge is to dedicate ourselves and every resource we have to fulfill our promise not only to lead change but also to deliver the best services to our students.

Teamwork: We believe that delivering the best service requires harmonious team work. Al Najah Education ensures that collaboration towards embodying our mission and vision happens in all that we do.

Care: For us, education means being accountable for what we do and encompasses being always ready to help.